How Chicago Teachers and Community Activists Organize for Public Education


There’s a beautifully written new article in Threshold in Education Journal entitled Chi-Town Educator and Community-Based Activism: Confronting a Legacy of Education Privatization in the Nation’s Windy City.

Authors T. Jameson Brewer, Julian Vasquez Heilig, Michelle Strater Gunderson, & Jitu Brown break down the history of structural racism and poverty in Chicago, and how that looks in the city’s public schools. The authors inform readers about how the Chicago Teacher’s Union developed a social justice framework and began organizing independently of their union, which was at least ineffectual in terms of fighting off school closures, charters, and privatization, and at worst, in cahoots with the privatization forces. Lastly, the authors share how Jitu Brown, of Journey for Justice, and the #WeChoose Campaign, have put a stop to school closures in Chicago, and organized communities to protect their schools.

This may be set in Chicago, but it’s the same playbook we see in Oakland and LA public school districts.

Click here (or above) to go to Dr. Vasquez-Heilig’s blog to read the full article.