State Rally Demands

We call on our elected representatives to:

  1. Fulfill the promise of public education by fully funding it. California is ranked 41st in the nation for per-pupil funding and 45th for student-teacher ratio (link). The sixth largest economy in the world can do better.  If the 144 billionaires (link) in CA paid their fair shares, and Prop 13 loopholes were closed (link), our state's kids could have the education they deserve. 
  2. Provide targeted funding to the students with the most need to ensure that every child gets the high quality, free, equitable public education they deserve. 
  3. Support local, democratically-elected control. End state and county take-overs of local districts. Shut down the current charter school appeals process to county and state boards (link), and give local, democratically-elected district boards the final say on charter petitions, and on how local communities choose to educate their children.  Support and co-sponsor bills like SB 808.
Mitch Brown