Learning Curves + #WeChoose Bay Area


If you’re a fan of public education (and equality), check out journalist Bill Raden’s weekly column, “Learning Curves” on Capital and Main. Learning Curves is “a weekly roundup of news items, profiles and dish about the intersection of education and inequality.”

In addition to other interesting stories, such as State Superintendent of Schools Tom Torlakson’s new “Action Team on Charter Schools,” our September 7 rally got a nice write up. “One group certain to be following the Action Team’s work is #WeChoose Bay Area, a new, pro-public school coalition of over a dozen veteran education equity organizations and community groups, anchored by the national Journey for Justice Alliance and the Oakland Public Education Network. According to Oakland organizer Mike Hutchinson, the group will be traveling to Sacramento on September 7 to make its official California debut at a rally in front of the state Capitol, followed by a march on the State Board of Education. Its objective? “To make sure our elected officials know that public education is an issue that we will be voting on in this year’s election.””